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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Sucking tattooed guy’s cock

He is big, muscled guy with plenty of tattoos that are all about torturing and other terrifying stuff, so once he wants to fuck some boy, that boy has two options- to get fucked and to satisfy tattooed guy or no one knows what happens to him, next day. Fresh boy was today’s tattooed man’s choice, so, knowing the story about tattooed man, boy took deep breathe and did his best to take his cock so deep, that pubic hair touched his nose.

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Then, he turned his back to him and let his tight ass hole get fucked.

Boys who are tied up and fucked in the cellar

Everyone knows that a group of muscled guys whose leader is guy with tattoos, is taking fresh boys off the street and fucking them in their cellar, from time to time. This time, the group has taken two boys to the cellar and they will take turns fucking them, so as one of them is still upstairs, in the room, he hears another boy screaming while all those horny guys with big cocks are ravaging his tight ass hole.

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While waiting, boy gives a handjob to the guy who keeps an eye on him.

Fresh boy learns quickly how to satisfy men

After fucking this boy’s face and sticking his cock deep down his throat, muscled man ejaculated into boy’s mouth and almost screamed from pleasure. He was more than satisfied and was happy because boy learns quick and is natural talent for sucking cocks. Boy was happy to have an opportunity to suck all the cocks in the camp, because it was like unlimited practise for him, so he can bring his skills to higher level.

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After boy was done with one guy, he went looking for another one available for cock sucking.

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Entertaining park can provide the biggest cocks for cock lovers

Getting into one room in this large entertaining park is like going to heaven, for some boys, because this room is full of glory holed and they can see rock hard dicks everywhere. All they have to do is get down on their knees and suck a cock they have picked up, or to fuck an ass they like. There are also cocks that are prepared to fuck, so boys just have to bend over and let the anonymous cock do all the work.

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Even the ice cream they can buy there is cock shaped.

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Boy who is eager to swallow cock

There was one fresh boy who was eager to swallow cock and all that was important to him was to swallow a big, rock hard cock and get loads of cum straight into his face. As many muscled men with big cocks were working at his father’s farm, he could say which one of them would be happy to show him his pulsating piece of meat and let him get down on his knees, in front of him, and lick it well.

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So one day, boy started teasing one worker until he got what he wanted.

Sex adventure in an old cottage

As muscled guy and fresh boy were working in the forest, they realized that they will not be able to go home before dark, so they have decided to sleep over in one old cottage, near them. As they came in, muscled man noticed that boy looks at his massive cock all the time, and asked him if he would like to see it and taste it. Boy smiled and nodded so it soon turned into hardcore sex adventure that lasted almost whole night, so neither boy or his muscled colleague had enough time to

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sleep and rest.

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Having sex while taking a break

Working around the house and fixing all the things that need to be fixed can be boring or make men tired, but if you have fresh boy who is helping you, like this muscled guy has, and that boy likes looking at his massive cock, that can turn into refreshing sex adventure in the old stable. Ladders were perfect to get on and offer hard cock to boy who was eager to suck it like he never sucked cock, before.

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As the boy drooled all around, muscled man moaned from pleasure until he ejaculated into boy’s face.