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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Everyone knows about sex camps

It turned out that many men know about sex camps and they send their sons there, if they think they are gay and need to learn a lot about pleasuring their sex partners. It is, also well known fact that sex instructors often fuck those boys, even though it is against the camp rules, but everyone knows about that and no one says or does anything. they all like the way it is. Boys get fucked by professionals, sex instructors have sex every day, so everyone gets properly satisfied.

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Why would anyone try to change that?

Showing to boys what glory hole looks like

Boys in sex training camp wondered what is glory hole, so their instructor decided to show them. He got in one bed, made a hole oh the floor, and let boys suck his dick that was in that hole. He told boys to pretend they don’t know who he is and to suck it like if it is a complete stranger, which they did. Boys had plenty of fun sucking cock, and sex instructor got himself free blowjobs from all his students.

Boys sex training camp

He was moaning from pleasure, at one point, which meant he taught them well.

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Training two boys to give blowjobs

Some sex instructors know how to train two boys at the same time and they always have a lot of fun when it comes to practising what boys have learned. this time, tow boys have to show all they have learned until now, and they are almost fighting over their trainer’s big cock, because the one who is better gets free anal drilling. As one boy shows that he is much better student, he lifts his legs high and lets his trainer fucks him from behind.

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Trainer has it all, in the end.

Every time is a great time for hard cock

Bunch of boys who like boys say that it is always a perfect moment for sex and they don’t care where they are at that moment. All they need is enough space to make their sex desires turned into reality. Bending over for doggy style anal sex is regular activity they do every day and all the other nasty things you can think of, you can see here if you take a look. These horny boys are so into kissing, loving, squeezing, pumping,

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ravaging and fucking each other it is pleasure to watch them.

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Horny boys with plenty of crazy ideas

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