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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Getting horny and masturbating

Every time you see gay hentai sex comic character gets horny, it means that he will have sex or masturbate. This time, you get to see several scenes of hot, horny gay boys masturbating after they got very horny and can’t wait for their partners to show up or they just want to have fun on their own. Check out a guy that masturbates in bushes as well as another one who plays with his cock in front of clothes store.

gay masturbating

Place doesn’t really matter, all that matters is they have fun and pleasure.  

Making pants with pleasure

If you like gay hentai sex scenes, check out what happened to this guy who went to a tailor, so he cam measure him and make him new pants. As tailor touched his legs, his dick went hard and tailor was surprised and smiled at guy. Then, he took his underwear off to measure his dick, and was amazed to see how big it was. Tailor offered to make pants for free if this guy lets him lick his dick and fucks him.

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Both tailor and his assistant gathered to lick that monster cock and enjoy.

Jeans store with special service

It looks like it is happening only in gay hentai sex comics, but this was real. A guy went to jeans store to buy new clothes and realized that he can get special service if he spends certain amount of money. As he gave money, some boys who worked there, gathered around him and started satisfying him with their fingers, lips and tongues. As soon as they made him cum, he decided to come back tomorrow and buy a few more things.

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That way he will get the special service again and might decide to buy something else.

Guys who want extreme sex games

Not only these gay hentai sex comic characters wanted to have sex, they wanted to do it in their own way. Five boys were fucking each other at the same time. One of them was tied up with his legs lifted up, so he could suck cock, fuck one guy above him and have his ass hole ravaged at the same time. The guy who fucked him had his ass also fucked, at the same time, so at some point no one knew who fucks whom.

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They all had fun and that was the most important thing.

Sex instructor in ebony boys village

While he was doing his research, one Caucasian gay scientist went to one jungle village and realized there were only ebony boys, so he decided to show them how to amuse themselves without woman. He lined them up and told them to turn their back to him and bend, so he can put his dick into their ass holes and show them what is real pleasure. It was one of the best gay hentai sex adventures this scientist had in his life.

gay Sex instructor

He explained to all the boys that their asses will be sore for a while.

One boy gets his ass ravaged by many strong men

Caucasian boy went to the jungle, just like in a gay hentai sex comics, and got caught by a group of ebony boys who were horny and wanted to fuck him. They had him tied up and brought to their village. They will fuck him by the fire, while he is tied up with his legs lifted up and spread wide open. First they took turns licking his ass so it becomes wet and every cock

Caucasian boy

can slip into it more easy and then they took turns fucking him, one at the time.

Ebony boys in hardcore action

Gay hentai sex scenes are even more hot when there are some ebony boys in action, It is always nice to see their chocolate cocks being licked and sucked while they enjoy and moan from pleasure and then they ravage someone’s ass hole and fill it up with their cum. This time one Caucasian boy was tied up and many ebony gay boys fucked his ass hole until all of them had an orgasm.

Ebony boys

All ebony boys had rock hard and big cocks that were eager to get into tight ass hole, just like this one they had.