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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Game of charades turns into a gay fuckfest

This is how a Friday evening is supposed to be spent! It seems that the 3d gay guys really have it made. They get together for some cocktails, a nice game of charades, but soon enough the booze does its job and the guys get so horny that we get one of the wildest foursomes we have ever seen. They switch partners and they start sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow. They are all enjoying their new partners and it all gets so hot it’s sizzling.

3 dgay

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Fun at the beach

Make sure you check out this 3d gay cartoon if you love summer and beach. These guys meet at the beach bar and they soon find out that they are both into guys. They find a secluded beach and it is then time for some cock measuring. One of the guys gets so excited about his new buddy’s huge schlongs that he cannot resist it. He drops down to his knees and gives the best he can. However, he still cannot take that whole monster down his throat.

3dgay beach

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Aladdin Gay Cartoon :)

Crazy Aladdin love gay orgy! Aladdin love big cock in your ass! Hot and sexy Disney gay cartoon gallery!

Aladdin Gay

Three army guys violating a young twink

These are not the ripped U.S. marine types of guys, but the old-fashioned frontier, slash, 19 century European army guys with nicely trimmed mustache and tight bodies. They are also the horniest bunch you will ever see and they got
themselves a nice young twink with a tight body, they suspend him and then have their way with him, they whip his creamy butt, they suck him off and then it’s time for him to receive some hard fisting. See how that turns out.

army guys

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Anakin gets into so much trouble

Star Wars would not be what it is without all those gay cartoons all over the web, making these guys more popular than they could have imagined and hoped to be. This gallery is a perfect proof of why this cartoon is one of the most popular ones among the fans of drawn gay porn. The fact is that there is something so hot about Obi sticking it to young Anakin, showing him what force can do for a good fuck session. Young Anakin also gets violated by some storm troopers, but hey, that’s galaxy for you.

Young Anakin

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Whole lotta steamy gay fucking

If you consider yourself a fan of hardcore toon drawn sex, then you are going to go overboard for this amazing gallery with some of the finest drawn sex ever created. You will see some good old-fashioned sailor boys fucking each other
silly and chomping down on those monumental dicks. You are going to see three sexy young blond guys having threesome fun and sucking each other off. You will even see a threesome with a sexy girl put in for extra fun.

gay fucking

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A brief encounter in the hotel

In this insanely steamy 3d gay cartoon you are going to see how it is to be gay and married to a girl who knows nothing about it. You simply get to a hotel, let her go about her own way and then invite a nice gigolo to come and keep you
company. See how this bald guy enjoys in his favorite young stud, sucking on that fat piston and then getting a blowjob in return. He then sits on the young guy’s face and lets him ram that ass with that pro dick.


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Thundercats guys in a steamy threesome

We all know very well who Panthro, Lion-O and Tygra are, but we have never seen these guys in such a steamy gay threesome like we are seeing them here. We first get to see the guys sucking of each other’s superhero dicks and it soon
turns into anal-drilling session with Panthro giving it had and deep to Lion-O, really ripping that tight furry asshole to pieces. He impales him on that blue dick and when he is done, he gets both his buddies’ dicks and takes some huge facials.

Thundercats guys

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One insanely steamy gay threesome

You know how they say, the only thing better than watching two sexy hunks ripping each other apart is seeing three guys ripping each other apart. And that is exactly what you get to see in this incredible gallery. The sailor dude is happy enough watching these two hunks fucking like they are teenagers, but that cannot last for long. Before you know it, he is pulling his own stabbing tool out and joining the action. And these two guys are more than happy to grab that fat veiny dick.

steamy gay threesome

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