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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sucking off his creation

This is one of those gay comics that will both make you laugh and put a boner in your pants. It features the crazy Doctor Dickenstein as he finally brings his creation to life. He creates a huge monster dude with a ginormous schlong and he immediately falls in love with that huge piece of reanimated meat.

Gay Comics Porn

He jumps at it and gives this monster something he will never forget. What a way to come to life, you open your eyes and you are already getting a blowjob. Have a laugh and see it!

Hot warrior dude gets his ass ravaged

Welcome to one of the best gay comics of all times. It tells a fantastic tale of a warrior who is always standing up for what is true and right and he stands up to every monster that threatens his friends and family. This time he had a fight with one crazy horny monster and it didn’t end up so well for our warrior.

Hot warrior dude gay comics

The monster soon ripped off all his clothes and before he could do anything, his ass was getting demolished by monsters huge tentacle-like cock. He will never forget this fight. See this unforgettable fight!

Sexy Gay

This is what you need from a gay hentai porn gallery. You need a couple of pics of hot guys just posing and teasing you with their amazing bodies. And you need some wild boys pounding each other, drilling those tight asses and enjoying each other.

hot guys cartoon

That is exactly what you get in this amazing gallery, with Tarzan showing off his pecks and arms and some crazy young dudes getting it on and slamming those tight buttholes until they explode. Don’t miss it for the world!

Drunk and horny dude

These two gay comics guys were best friends since before they can remember, but they have never done anything about their hidden feelings for each other. They have finally got drunk enough to act on their feelings and they did it in the back alley, just for the sheer sleaziness of it all. Check out as they undress each other and kiss those ripped bodies.

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And then one of them gets on his knees and starts sucking off his best buddy. It’s just unbelievably hot. See it for yourself!

The Hot Soldier

I the soldier of army of the Germany and I am ready is undressed for you!

The hot soldier

Sexy boys just for you

If you are looking for some cute drawn guys to get you in the mood, then we can recommend these gay hentai porn hunks that will do anything to get you aroused. And it won’t take them too long, as they are all these beautiful young boys who have some ripped bodies and major dicks going on for them.

cute drawn guys

Some of the boys are just teasing you with their muscles, their big dicks and their tight bodies, while the others are getting naughty with each other, slamming those tight asses. Check it all out

Some crazy hot guys getting naughty

There can be no doubt that this gallery is the hottest piece of gay hentai porn ever put in one place. It does not only have some of the most ripped guys getting very, very naughty, but it also has some of the most popular guys doing it.

crazy hot guys cartoon

Check out Blanka from Street Fighter jacking off and sliding a big toy up his ass, or Snake from Metal Gear Solid getting his dick worked by a young goatboy. There is even a ripped knight getting pounded by an orc. Holly, shit, you gotta see this!

Student Hot Nude Dancing

I am a student and I want to dance for you on your desktop!
See my big penis and a sweet ass. 😳

student nude dancing

3D Gay Orgy

Recently I have found an astounding site on 3D Gay Cartoon – lewd guys enter intimate relations with each other. I have solved will share with you this comic book in 3D Gay

3d gay orgy

Making the flight seem shorter

There is nothing more boring that a long flight with all the boring people on it and boring movies you get to watch. However, in the world of gay comics long flights get really hot really soon and you get to see some fine blowjobs taking
place. Check out this couple of guys as they enjoy some nice sucking on the plane, with the older guy seducing his new buddy and sucking him off.

Gay Comics Porn

He really proves that old dogs know the most tricks. He blows him like a real pro. You’ll love this blowjob!