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Hot Gay Hentai Sex

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What could possibly be better than gay bozos pumping the shit out of each other? Gay toon porn my friend! Do not miss out on the naughty action these gay toons bring you! They are so turned on! They make love, but they also get painful and just plain pump the hell out of each […]

He Man Gay Cartoon

Posted on July 25, 2010 - Filed Under Gay Cartoon | 1 Comment

HeMan is getting reworked, but this time the name of the cartoon show makes more sense, now it’s all about men and adventures of the muscular blond bully with them. He Man just can’t get enough of the cock, and all of his opponents through the original series have obtained one, even the Skeletor, and […]

Xiaolin Showdown Gay Toon

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Xiaolin Showdown has too many serious elements in it, what this cartoon show needs is some sizzling hot gay action to liven up the pace of the cartoon. That’s just what we had in mind when we made this hot and nasty Xiaolin Showdown gay toons, these guys are now all over each other and […]

3D Gay Pub

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These hot 3D gay galleries are not only tease scenes with lonely muscular guys stroking their cocks, here you can see some of the hottest hardcore fuck scenes with gay guys filling each other up. If that sounds like fun, then come on in, there are ton of these hot 3D gay pictures around and […]

Naruto Gay Anime

Posted on July 8, 2010 - Filed Under Gay Hentai Porn | 6 Comments

Have you seen some of the recent Naruto episodes? I say the whole show has gone tits up, and that there needs to be something really interesting going on to make men want to watch it again. There’s no better plot twist then getting all of the toons in Naruto to get gay and to […]

3D Gay Army

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It’s been a while since we had our hands on such high quality 3D gay porn, but now that it’s finally here we just can’t get enough of it. There’s nothing like the sight of hot gay men in full 3D as they are bending over and spreading their muscular legs so those firm asses […]

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