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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Furry Gay Comics

Come here, come all! It’s the sale of the century! Come nearer don’t be shy. Come all you lovers of furry gay cartoons. We know you’re out there, we know you’re hungry for some steel-hard dicks. Come here, look no further. We offer it all; we offer dragons and their scaly members who rape the unsuspecting cattle. See wolves twice as big as their partners making a ton fit into a thimble.

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We offer you tight, toyboy foxes with tight and pink assholes just calling for you. We have mythical beings with mythical dicks; we have anything you might fancy.

Nude Gay Furry Comics

Don’t look further. You are there. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for. You have found the ultimate site for gay cartoons, furry gay cartoons and Yaoi cartoons. It’s a site that offers the best cock-loving drawings. It gives you anything you could want, anime and manga character parading their monumental poles just for you.

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It gives you tender assholes of their smaller, younger partners who only wait to get rammed from behind until they are not able to sit anymore. This site is the Shangri-la for anyone who likes his gay cartoons furry and sexy. Come and see for yourself.

Biker Mice from Mars Gay Maus

In everyday life Biker Mice from Mars are tough, serious and not willing to waste any time but when they are left alone they turn into gay cartoons addicts. Kinky Throttle, Modo and Vinnie suck big dicks of each other, fuck tight anuses and stuff them with sperm like real professionals of famous gay cartoons.

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American Dragon Gay Cartoon

Grandpa told Jake that to be an American Dragon he has to star in several gay cartoons. In order to reach that goal he has to stretch his throat and anus and to take cocks into his blind eye. Grandpa gave him the first lesson and then told him to fuck to become a famous gay cartoon character.

American Dragon Gay Cartoon

Twink Anal Penetration Bear Gay Fuck Twink

Ah, seamen and their semen. A killer combination. When those hard top men, with their hairy chest and chiseled bodies demand sex from their captives or junior officers, there’s no denying them. And why should they. They should be happy to have their asses sought for by those fine men.

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And they soon find out that there’s nothing better than to have a nice big piece of hot meat n your mouth, when you feel the veins pumping blood, more and more of it until they can’t breathe from the engorged cock, and then they feel hot cum streaming down their throats…

Bear Gay Pirates

Let these comics take you to the historic world of pirates and men-crammed ships that smelled of pure men. Of sweaty, musky men who only watch where they could stick their dicks. These pirates were dangerous men who prayed on anything with a dick, be it a young, soft native boy who just waited for a big, strong bearded man to take him from behind,

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be it the newest prisoner from France with a creamy skin and pink, quivering asshole. When these pirates had a fight it was all settled by jizz offs, a guy who could spray the most cum was the winner.