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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Santa Gay? Merry X-mas Comics

The holly jolly man has come around once again, but this time St. Nick is missing his sleigh. Gay comics always have an answer to all these kinky dilemmas and a naughty little boy is provided for Father x-mas. Santa plugs his cock right in between the boy’s firm butt cheeks and makes him squirm all around. It was either a fat cock or a lump of coal, so the cartoon twink is actually getting off easy.

Merry Xmas Gay Comics

With Christmas cock in its socket, Santa uses the naughty boy as a sleigh and rides the twink all the way through the arctic and down some chimneys.

Gay Hentai Adventures

In the gay hentai adventures, a bunch of toon twinks are going at each other with the fervor of first time sex. One deviant young boy has made a mission of corrupting as many rich prep school boys as he can get his cock into. The gay comics are reluctant at first but they can’t hold back against the dominative gay cartoon boy.

Hardcore Gay Hentai cartoon

You can always expect the best and hottest smut from gay cartoons because the author has complete control to make his fantasies gay anime reality. Whatever sort of kinky gay sex you can dream up is possible in gay hentai.

Gay Comics Sex

Young boys with young dicks teasing and jerking off on each other. Here you will find best illustrated cartoons of gay porn.

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Gay comics sex

FLCL Famous Gay Cartoon

Though at first sight life of flcl characters seems to be a very usual one, it turns out that they hide many secrets. Or, should I say they hid many secrets as now these famous gay cartoon characters reveal all the naked truth about their days, nights, hobbies, leisure and even about their dirty fantasies.

FLCL Gay action

Family Guy Gay Cartoon

That day Peter Griffin, who is nuts about sex, got so overfilled with lust that he simply had to seduce his neighbors and friends into enjoying famous gay cartoon actions. They sucked and banged each other and used all kinds of sex toys to brighten orgasms that they all reached at the same time. family guy gay toon

Gay Hentai Hardcore Comics

Have you ever seen a bear’s ass completely explode? In gay hentai, you can see just that. These gay cartoons are police officers that have been forced into a duel against each other. They are being tested to see who is toughest. The only way to determine the winner is through a series of hardcore gay bdsm tests in which both gay virgins get their assholes torn apart. The Yaoi goes deep, really deep, when the men have colonoscopies done to test their anus walls.

Gay Hentai Hardcore Comics

While one guy just lets out a little squeak, the other gay cartoon is a volcano erupting. This is the type of insane bdsm that you can only see in gay comics!

Gay In Renaissance :)

Gay cartoons take us back to the gayest time in history- the renaissance. We knew that all those guys running around in tights must have been up to something kinky but now you can see just what they were doing. The gay comics shows who Shakespeare’s real muse was and a young actor gets a lesson in vocal training. He is so excited from the attention that his gay cartoon cock stands straight up and gives the playwright inspiration to last through the decades. You will love the gay toons that make gay sensuality something you can bust your nuts to!

Gay Orgy In monastery

Gay Soldier In Army

The first rule in the army is submission to your superiors and these gay cartoons are following the ranks! It is customary to kiss the ass of your sergeant but now the higher officer is returning the anal attention. He makes his inferior charge bend over and feel how it is to have your asshole tapped against. The boy knew that the army was going to be tough, but he didn’t expect it to be so long and hard! This gay comics gets wild in ways that will make you stand up straight like a good soldier and solute the gay toons!

Gay Soldier In army