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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Gay In Army

Once handsome and naughty soldiers get bored they find a tight ass hole or a deep mouth to fuck hard. Of course the excited lads don’t forget to jerk off several times a day. These studs could be the stars of gay cartoon porn, but they prefer to stay in the army and satisfy their dirty gay fantasies.

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Flintstones Gay Cartoon

When Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble tell their wives they are off to work, it means the nasty friends wish to stay alone and play all kinds of gay games. The lustful dudes even taught their dino pets to fuck and such their cocks. Gay Cartoon presents a crazy gay madness at the world of kinky Flintstones.

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Gay Cartoon Adventure In Army

Soldiers and sailors lack for babes when they are away from home. Luckily there is always a tight ass hole of a cute lad to fuck, even if one has to pay with a deep blowjob off. Gay comics open the doors into the gay cartoon porn actions and shares the joys of wild gay holes penetrating.

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Fantastic Four Fresh Gay Cartoon Porn Gallery

Whenever Mister Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Thing wish to have fun, they invite a few friends over and throw a wild gay party. Luckily the fantastic four is crazy about reading comics and news about them, so they always call dudes from Gay Cartoon to cover every fuck action and night in general.

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Gay Crossdressers Hardcore Cartoon Action

A gay couple walks down the street to head to a night club where crossdressers’ strip on stage for their admiring customers. The couple chooses a table and sits down to watch the show. One of the men gets up from the table and excuses himself to the bathroom, he’s hoping there is a crossdresser in there that are in need of some ass servicing!

Hardcore Gay Cartoon

As he stands at the urinal, a crossdresser in a sexy red dress putting on her lipstick notices the man and what an incredible ass the man has! She walks up to him and starts to rub the ass that she craves. Asking what she wanted, she replied with an answer that surprised him; she wanted him to fuck her! His wishes of finding an ass to fuck in the bathroom have come true! They passionately take each other’s clothes off and start engaging in a full blown sex romp!

Gay Comics

These naughty gays are so different, but they all are crazy about gay anal and oral pleasures. Lustful gay toons seduce handsome boyfriends, colleagues, and strangers into deep throating and hard ass pounding games. Naughty rogues share their wild sex adventures with gay comics and the whole world.

Gay Comics