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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Shemale Bride Cartoon

It was a real shock for a happy groom to find out he married a shemale babe, but when he enjoyed the anal orgasm for the first time he realized he was the happiest dude in the whole world. Are you curious to know more about the first sex with a shemale bride and a straight groom? Then join and let them show their sex games in details.

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Two Cocs

The sexy waitress could never believe she would have such a hot day when she simply brought that gorgeous babe a cup of tea. It turned out that a sexy thing hid two dicks under her tiny panties. Yes, one rogue is blessed with two dicks ready to shag two holes at the same time. Join the fucking couple and enjoy double penetration.

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Shemale Mix

A lustful collection dedicated to fascinating shemale creatures fucking and sucking with dudes in the parks. Surely dudes are surprised when they find out there is a dick inside those tiny panties but gladly open their ass holes and mouths for a deep fuck. Are you curious to know what happened next? Then join the shemale babes.


Ho ho ho! Santa Fuck Shemale

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Getting to the end of my run this Christmas Eve, I was getting quite tired. I wiggled my way into this chimney that I thought was too tight, but then tumbled my sorry ass to the bottom. When I shook the cobwebs loose, I spotted this gorgeous blonde lying on the couch. Obviously she was trying to sneak a peek at Santa, but I came too late. Well, there was no use in wasting this opportunity when I can come right now, right? So I slid my dick out and passed it between her lips. But when she woke up, she was pissed! I tried to run out, but I was too tired, and had one too many cookies. She caught up with me, grabbed me by the hips, and with one thrust I felt something throbbing deep inside of me. What the fuck was that? Oh shit, this beautiful big-titted babe has a cock! I fought it for a minute, but then it felt so good, and Mrs. Claus never fucked me like that. She filled my ass with her dick, and then made me suck her off before I got to pound her pudding as well. We both came together, and I was rejuvenated for the rest of the night. I hope I gave her what she really wanted for Christmas! Ho ho ho!

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Gay Police

The stud was masturbating just outside of the bar when gay police caught him. Of course the gay dude could pay the fee, but the policeman demanded a deep and hard fucking action. Join the lustful policeman at gay comics and enjoy the gay cartoons together with all gay lovers; these sex beasts will never make you bored.

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