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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Runnin’ With the Devil

Being a gorgeous angel has it’s perks, but one of them is not the constant temptations from the pixie devils that roam around looking for a good time. Today, I wasn’t expecting one to be so forceful with her advances. I honestly liked the fact that I was being controlled, but I definitely wasn’t ready for what happened next. As I was lying there naked and vulnerable, She unleashed her massive cock right before my eyes! I had never seen anything so large and soaking wet before, and even though I tried to fight it, seeing that large pecker coupled with the fact that her tongue on my clit felt magical, I let her in without question. She fucked me hard and deep, and as we both came, she quickly darted away, leaving me in a sweaty, pussy-pounded heap.

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Punk and Goth Trannies

I was so glad to have my sexy goth friend over. It’s always good to have friends that aren’t just like you, but are into the same types of things as you, like fucking each other’s tight assholes. Us hot shemales have to stick together, you know! We were playing with makeup in front of a mirror, and we looked so hot that we just automatically moved into fun, ass-pounding sex. She bent over and offered up her tight butt to me, and with my prick at full attention, I quickly obliged. Mmm, her butt fit my cock in it just right as she squeezed her muscles around it. I even gave her asshole a tongue bath right after to make her even more horny. Now it was my turn to get a hard reaming from her monster cock. I loved the way our boobs bounced with every forcible slam in my tight hole, and the way our juices flowed from our holes. Finally we emptied our loads together on each other, and even tongued up a little of the mess. I love the time I get to spend with my hot shemale friends!

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Schoolgirl Humiliation

Man, I needed to get me a piece of that white meat! Those schoolgirl uniforms that these blonde bitches are wearing leave little to the imagination, but the way they make my cock drip in excitement leads me to want more. I devised a plan, and went over as they all stood up to drop my books to catch a peek. I thought this would work for sure, and dropped my books and looked up to see big bulges in little panties. I was busted, and totally screwed. They realized what I was doing, and even though I wasn’t trying to look for cocks for sure, I was going to pay for it. They all stood around me and pulled out their GIGANTIC dicks that all dwarfed my little dick. They then stripped me of my clothes completely and as one sat her ass directly on my face, the others stripped down and teased my cock and ass. Once I felt the penetration of one of those thick white shemale dicks though, I was in heaven. They all took turns sliding their dicks in my mouth and ass, as well as stroking mine. Cum was flowing everywhere as I was being slammed repeatedly until every one of them let their nut off all over my face. Now that’s what you call a surprise I’ll never forget.

Fuck In Toilet

A dude entered a toilet to enjoy a long waited pissing, and almost finished the process when he felt somebody was sucking his dick. When he looked down he saw a guy sucking and masturbating at the same time but could not deny the deep blowjob. Do not miss a gay cartoon about a blowjob in a toilet brought to you by gay comics.

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Gay Cartoon Porn

The gay comics present fascinating gay cartoons about a gay New Year adventure. In fact that was an ordinary party when two dudes looked into each other eyes and realized they had to be together, at least that night. And this is where that gay cartoon starts; surely it is full of fascinating sex emotions but it is better to feel them then to read about them.

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