Hercules godly daddy

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Hercules has inherited a lot from his godly daddy, including the libido that needs a lot of looking after. And he’s not picky either, Meg ended up in Hades after all, so Hercules went looking for another fuck friend and his daddy stepped in immediately, brandishing his massive cock and letting his son play with it as much as he wants until he finds another willing sex partner. There are plenty of males in Hercules realm ready to make gay cartoon porn with popular hero,


so he’s not short of holes to stuff with his godly erection anytime he wants it.

Simon from Guren Lagann

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Simon from Guren Lagann series had had an epiphany – he’s not interested in ladies when he’s got Kamina around, and the two of them don’t need Nia and Yoko around to complicate things when they’ve got each other to play with and fuck as much as they want. Simon and Kamina go all out in these gay cartoon porn collection that will leave you rock hard, with their cocks ready to do all kinds of nasty hardcore things to each other, no bars holled.


Every hole is a go, anal and deepthroat love is abound with these two horny teenage hentai boys.

Futurama gay cartoon

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Futurama cartoon has been with us for over a decade now, so it’s no wonder that we’ve got a big batch of gay cartoon porn centered on the adventures of our favorite high tech space delivery courier service. From our time traveling misfit to the aged professor, every male in this cartoon is ready to whip his cock out and put it to good use, and there are plenty of male asses and throats around to ravage! If you want to space your day up a bit with a popular gay cartoon,


Futurama is the way to go.

Kurz and Sousuke

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Kurz and Sousuke may look like your average manly guys from the Anime and Manga series that get attention from a lot of ladies and enjoy it, but they’ve got a secret that you won’t see exposed anywhere else in the series but with these gay cartoon pics! They’re not interested in the chicks coming on to them both left and right, but are more interested in each other and playing with each other’s massive cocks. It’s easy to see why,


they’re both two fit young hentai guys with big cocks that need a lot of loving chicks from the series simply don’t provide.

Cute twink skips on classes to fuck

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Classes are hell of boring, and this cute teen is looking for something more interesting to do. He wanted to smoke cigarettes at a local park, but it looks like it’s about to rain, so he has to find someone to take him in and shelter him from the rain for a few hours. A local homo is just the kind of opportunity this guy was looking for, the gay comic he’s in shows him follow the guy to his place where they can bang all day long.
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Rugged masculine men get their knack on

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This hardcore gay comics porn collection doesn’t cover skinny and sensitive hentai boys who prefer romance to rough fucking – it covers rugged bear men whose massive cocks need an asshole to plug in an extremely messy manner, of course. If you’re a fan of gay comics and homo drawings, these black and white men who love homosexual encounters to be rough will keep you occupied for quite some time.
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Two rough cock lovers get busy

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There’s nothing quite like some rough cock on cock action to get the day started with. These two rampaging bear men with lots of body hair and thick cocks that need attention have met in the back alley and hit it off right away. Gay comics with teens are not nearly as interesting as watching two extremely experienced cock munchers get their kink on with nobody around to bother them and stop them from fucking like crazy.
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Drawn police man enjoying a gay gangbang

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It was a slow day at the police office, and these officers were bored out of their minds. No crimes to prevent, no criminals to toy with, they had to turn to each other for some entertainment, and there’s no better way for them to do that than with some hardcore gay comic fucking. Threesomes are so much more fun than an one on one, and these folks made a literal gay train with anal entrances getting plugged in a way that lets everybody feel the love.
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Cock gobbling guy blows a policeman

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Getting a speeding ticket and paying for it is out of the question for this high class fellow, but he knows a few ways of making problems with the police go away. He’s not even thinking of paying them, no, that’s not fun at all, but what he can do is give the senior officer a twink blowjob that will blow him off his feet, that’s a fault proof way of getting out of sticky situations like this, and it works in this homo porn comic as well.
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Police officers having a hardcore gang bang

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Working at a police station sure can get very dull, which is why these folks take every chance they have at having some hardcore fun. If you’re a fan of hot gay porn comics, bear policemen who love anal and oral experiments you get to meet in these videos are sure to get your kink on, just look at the sex positions they are going through as they take turn fucking a high class twink who dropped by at the station to pay for a ticket.
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Three rock hard dicks for a hot guy

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Hot drawn guy who visited a gas station had no idea he was about to get a service of his life, with all of the homo guys working there getting their dicks out and introducing him to the pleasure of hardcore gang banging. His cartoon asshole gets stretched out by thick dicks, and his mouth get to taste several different cocks by the time the fellows at the gas station decide he’s had enough of rough gay comic love.
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Gas station service for a homo guy

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What do you do when a gas station visitor asks for a full service? If you’re working at this particular gas station, than you get to bend him over the counter and fuck that hot ass silly! It’s plots like these that make homosexual comics so fun, and I’m not talking about that tender hentai action, this is rough and rugged gay comic with bear men who just love putting their dicks into each other, especially in a messy gang bang like this one.
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Side window blowjob at a gas station

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What’s the best way to show the gas station serviceman you’re happy with the service without paying him a big tip? Simple enough, just scroll down the window and stick his big cartoon cock down your throat – it never fails for this hot gay comic character, he’s always been paying for his gas this way, and the look on the face of the gas station servicemen shows how this method of payment works for them.
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Redneck family reunion with a bunch of twinks

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If you thought your family reunions were messy, see what these hardcore rednecks have in store. It’s not often that a family reunion can be drawn in the form of a hardcore gay comics porn collection, but it’s exactly what these rednecks are up to, dirty fucking that doesn’t leave a single asshole tight. The fact that they’re all family doesn’t bother them at all, as they happily share the love and the loads of sperm men have stored up since the last reunion.
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Family reunion with hardcore homo rednecks

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A redneck family reunion is a messy thing, and that whole incest thing is not a joke at all. This particular gay comics archive shows one such reunion where men get to go wild on each other and fuck as much as they want – women are all away on an all female trip and the guys can fuck each other silly. With a big collection of cocks to pick from, every ass can be satisfied and every throat ravaged – just the way these homo comic characters like it.
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